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Case Study: Cloud ERP Consulting

Introduction of Cloud ERP System at Humboldt Forum

Learn how we solved the challenges of a fragmented system landscape in record time and under budget by using a cloud ERP system.

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Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace Building
Humboldt Forum Foundation
in the Berlin Palace
Cloud ERP
Public sector

Structuring the complex processes with the right ERP system

The introduction of an ERP system in the public sector is traditionally considered a lengthy undertaking with many stakeholders and specific requirements. But the example of the Humboldt Forum Foundation (SHF) shows that the use of cloud and SaaS solutions is possible. Together with ICB, they made a conscious decision to break new ground in the cloud and demonstrate that the public sector is also "cloud-ready".

Humboldt Forum Foundation Schlosskeller

Cloud ERP as the basis for digital transformation

Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace_Exterior facade

The right choice of cloud ERP system

Breaking down silo structures with a cloud ERP system

As a consequence of its recent and rapid growth, during which the IT was repeatedly expanded and adapted, SHF had a fragmented system landscape in which the various areas had previously been operated separately from one another. The result was process and information silos that made it unnecessarily difficult to combine all relevant data and thus fulfill basic reporting obligations. Due to this high level of complexity, it quickly became clear that connecting these legacy systems to a new ERP would very quickly reach its limits.

ERP implementation in record time & under budget

In a preceding conceptual design phase, the target processes and the target architecture, all relevant data and the project data were compiled. The target architecture was to integrate all processes "end-to-end" in order to lay the foundation for comprehensive standardization and further automation. This was followed by the preparation of the specifications and the execution of an EU-wide invitation to tender, as a result of which ICB issued a recommendation for the award of contract. After the tender, the SaaS solution "Microsoft Dynamics Business Central" was chosen.

Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace_East facade

The smooth ERP implementation as a success factor

"The integration of all relevant finance, procurement and controlling processes into a cloud ERP was a major challenge. With a view to future efficiency increases, we are convinced that we have taken the right path together with ICB."
- Irene Knava, Head of Organizational Development and Quality Management at SHF

With our proven approach to success

The ICB solution business impact.

ICB supports HANSA-FLEX in expanding its business advantage through greater agility, higher productivity and more freedom for innovation. Thanks to the strategic IT agenda, the company now benefits from the advantages of a powerful, modern and secure IT infrastructure that is optimally aligned with business requirements. This enables IT to act as an enabler and drive innovation together with the business departments.

Objectives for the ERP system

Complete redesign of a greenfield ERP system
Prompt implementation of the ERP system suitable for SHF
Elimination of the fragmented system landscape in which the areas were previously operated separately from one another

Procedure for ERP implementation

Definition of the target architecture including interfaces in the public cloud
Selection of a strategically suitable manufacturer as well as an implementation partner
Conceptual design of target processes, target architecture, data and project planning

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Find out how the introduction of a cloud ERP system at the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace proceeded and what results were achieved.

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