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Customized customer centricity with the right CRM system

As independent CRM consultants, we help you improve your customer experience, optimally support business processes, and increase efficiency throughout your company with a custom-fit CRM strategy.

Why we as CRM experts develop the optimal strategy for you


Customer & Partner Understanding

In order to make the optimal CRM selection that fits your needs, we have a broad understanding of the industry.

Holistic view

To create a stronger bond between you and your customers, we look at the project beyond CRM.

In-depth knowledge

We have a high level of knowledge of the entire customer journey from sales to service.

Proven methodology

We guarantee well-founded decision templates based on our proven approach and methodology.

Strong network

We draw on a broad network of ERP manufacturers as well as partnerships with well-known manufacturers.


Nevertheless, we act independently from technology providers in order to be able to design a customized & perfect ERP solution.

Why the optimal CRM system is important for managing your customer relationships

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Customer Information Center

The optimal CRM tool serves as a central database for all customer information. This centralized data repository allows to get a comprehensive picture of each customer and enables employees to perform personalized and targeted interactions.
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Basis for better customer experiences

With the optimal CRM tool, companies can gain a complete overview of customer interactions and offer personalized services and products. This results in higher customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.
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Foundation for marketing campaigns

The CRM tool provides valuable data and insights that are essential for planning and executing effective marketing campaigns. Above all, it enables the segmentation of the target group and the evaluation of campaign results in order to perfectly adjust the customer approach.
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Help for the processing of customer inquiries

The availability of the entire customer history enables employees to respond quickly to inquiries, resolve concerns in a targeted manner, and ensure a positive customer experience. The automation of processes in the CRM tool can also accelerate workflows and minimize bottlenecks.

For both large enterprises and SMEs, we see the cloud as the standard for CRM

Customized Cloud CRM

CRM for holistic customer management

To achieve a sustainable advantage, we recommend implementing all data into a clean CRM. ICB focuses on ensuring a user-friendly solution through cloud services. In doing so, we ensure that access is possible from anywhere and at any time at low cost.

of companies increase their productivity with the right customer relationship management system
of companies already use the cloud as the basis for their customer relationship management system
of companies with more than 11 employees use a customer relationship management system

The focus of our CRM consulting is the 360-degree view of the customer

Positive experiences are crucial for turning prospects into loyal repeat customers. It is important to address customers personally and offer them tailored services. A consistent and always up-to-date database is essential for this. A customer relationship management system (CRM) is the basic prerequisite for targeted customer loyalty measures. This gives you a 360-degree view of all prospects and customers and enables you to offer them exactly what they need.

Improve your customer relationships with the CRM system that's right for you!

What is CRM - Customer Relationship Management?

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the strategies, technologies and practices that companies use to manage and improve customer relationships. It is a holistic approach that aims to better understand customers, meet their needs and build long-term, profitable relationships. CRM systems enable the centralized management of customer information, interactions and transactions, and the importance of CRM lies in improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer loyalty and optimizing sales and marketing processes. By using CRM software, companies can track customer interactions, create personalized offers and improve customer service.

Why is CRM consulting important for my company?

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CRM consulting is crucial for optimally tailoring a customer relationship management (CRM) system to the individual needs and goals of your company. It helps with the selection of the right CRM system, implementation, employee training and ensures that the CRM is used effectively to improve customer relationships.

What steps does professional CRM consulting involve?

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Comprehensive CRM consulting includes analysis of current processes, definition of requirements, selection of the appropriate CRM system, implementation, employee training and ongoing optimization. The consultant works closely with the company to ensure that the CRM supports the business objectives.

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