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Digital Transformation

Sustainable value creation through digitalization

We support you successfully in your digital transformation - together we optimize your business processes, develop a future-proof IT architecture and firmly anchor digitalization in your organization.

The four pillars of digitalization

The 4-pillar model helps us to structure the elements of the business that need to be addressed in the existing business models of value creation in order to enable a successful digital transformation.

By focusing on these key areas, we are creating a roadmap that will lead to rapid improvement in core business processes.

Management Excellence

Alignment of the business model to future growth areas

Supply Chain Excellence

Optimization of process & supply chains for more predictability

Operational Excellence

Using company data for more digital growth

Customer Excellence

Increase customer loyalty for a sustainable increase in sales

Creating measurable values

A well-thought-out digitalization strategy is crucial as it provides companies with a clear roadmap to achieve their goals and overcome potential challenges.
We focus on striking the right balance between standards, best practices and cloud-based solutions, creating digital transformation strategies that work on time and on budget.
26 %

Higher profitability

210 %

Higher sales


Higher employee retention

Our consulting approach

Standard First

We rely on industry standards and best practices to improve your processes and reduce your costs.

Value First

We look at your company's business processes and customer needs and then integrate technologies to meet those needs.

Cloud First

Our cloud-first strategy minimizes development costs while keeping IT operational costs on the cloud provider's side.

What the digital transformation means

Maximize sales

We optimize the product range, reach new customers and open up new sales channels.

Reduce costs

We make your processes more efficient, increase automation and eliminate existing and costly errors.

Security and scalability

We are taking measures to improve IT security and the scalability of the infrastructure.

Shorten time to market

We establish efficient communication channels for quick decision-making and a high level of customer proximity.
Cloud platform

Gain cloud know-how and reduce costs

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Cloud Platform Architecture

The power of the cloud: agility, scalability and affordability

The benefits of moving workloads to the cloud are simply too strong to ignore. Cloud services are very economical, resource-rich, and oozing with simplicity. Large, medium, and small enterprises, know the obvious benefits, but they find it difficult to decide on the best platform to host each workload—considering the technical needs of each and their criticality in supporting business objectives.

So, whether it's an ERP application, or a fault management database, or a financial & accounting system, it is crucial to match the needs with the most suitable cloud platform.

We are experts in private, hybrid and multi-cloud platforms and help you make the right decisions in terms of workload distribution, service selection, flexibility, scalability and long-term strategy.
Digital processes

Set a new digital standard for your company now

Together towards digital transformation

In times of digitalization, it is crucial to develop innovative ambitions and tailor-made strategies in order to remain competitive. Our digital transformation consulting supports you on this path to successful implementation. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts contribute their many years of expertise to work with you to create a business model tailored to the requirements of the digital age.

Embracing the opportunities of change is the new paradigm

We see digital transformation as a continuous sequence of small steps. We are therefore convinced that qualified advice on digitalization and a new approach to change are necessary. Instead of the traditional start-stop approach, which accepts resistance as an inevitable part of change, we support our clients in approaching change without fear. We see change as a platform for new opportunities for all. By boldly embracing digital transformation, we accelerate processes, identify new opportunities and enjoy the challenge of making things better. Everyone becomes a co-creator when the potential of digitalization is fully exploited.

Start your digital transformation now

We stand for entrepreneurial implementation and a holistic project approach.

Thanks to our digitization expertise, we guarantee success

In doing so, we enable a successful go-live and assume full responsibility
ICB - Process Expertise & Cloud-First Strategy

Change Management -
What makes a good digital consultancy?

Managing change fearlessly

Change is relentless, and our natural resistance to it puts companies at risk of getting stuck in the past very quickly. Where digital transformation is a management owned task, its realization lies in the hands of the workforce. This is where the wheels touch the road, and the better it is managed, the easier it becomes for the workforce to make the transformation successful.

Embracing the opportunities of change is the new paradigm

We understand digital transformation as a continuum of smaller journeys. This is why we believe that skilled digital consultancy and our relationship with change needs to be reinvented. Instead of a start-stop-start approach where resistance is an accepted fact of change, we help our clients embrace change without fear - to use it as a platform for new opportunities for all. When we embrace change fearlessly, we accelerate, we identify new opportunities and we enjoy making things better. Everyone becomes a stakeholder when the opportunities of change are fully realised.

Change Management - Managing Digital Transformation

Live the change, seize the opportunity

Change Management -
the difference

We analyse changes according to their organisational significance. We formulate a vision for their adoption and develop structured communication that includes project marketing, stakeholder engagement, roll-out support, as well as coaching, workshops and a sustainable development programme. Our focus is on the people factor - the factor that drives change - we plan change management with the workforce in mind, but we deliver change with the workforce at the centre. Excellent change management doesn't just have to be a process - it has to be human centred and personal. That is the ICB difference!

Higher employee satisfaction

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