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Process Modeling & Process Optimization

Optimize your business processes through process mining

Your processes are not running efficiently? Our data and process analytics experts identify, monitor and improve your business processes to help you achieve your business goals smoothly.

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Why do companies often fail to see the causes of weaknesses in processes?

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Hidden process potential

Process analysis uncovers existing problems and opportunities for business process improvement. Why does the time, value, quality or quantity of a process often not meet your expectations?
Low data quality
Complex processes
No standardization
Long lead times
Complex IT systems
No data integration

We resolve the complexity

That's why we focus on a thorough process analysis and customized adjustments during ERP implementation. Our comprehensive training program also ensures that your team quickly becomes familiar with the new processes.
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Proven methodology
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How to unlock and leverage your hidden process potentials

Process mining is an analytical discipline that discovers and understands processes exactly as they actually are. Process mining software is thus a kind of X-ray machine for business processes.

We follow three steps for optimization

ICB Procedure for a Cloud ERP Project
Measure and identify
  • Workshops for the definition of requirements
  • Setting up the Celonis Process Mining software
  • Digital visualisation of existing business processes
  • Mapping of the complete value creation processes on the basis of the systems used
  • Identify weaknesses, bottlenecks or malfunctions in processes
Analysing and pointing out
  • Illustrate the root causes of the performance gaps.
  • Prioritise the weak points in processes, based on measurable factors
  • Create use cases and recommendations
  • Representation of the actual business processes
Implement and recommend
  • Development of measures with the help of best practices
  • Identifying alternatives to reduce rework activities
  • Optimisation of economic efficiency
  • Designing efficient and sustainable processes
  • Decisions for automation are made objectively and fact-based
  • Continuous monitoring and adaptation to corporate goals

Our proven methodology for creating agile and lean business processes



We compare the customer's process requirements with standard, industry-specific process templates to assess the customisation requirements.



We analyze every process in depth to fix what's broken, trim waste, and add value at every hot-spot.



By focusing on processes with hot spots, we evaluate which software solutions drive value creation.



We develop tailored solutions for optimized business processes and we make them cloud ready.

Cloud Ready
Digital processes

Digital processes that are agile and lean

Maximum efficiency and quality of your business processes

Technology is at the epicenter of every business strategy and process, and companies that fail to stay on the leading-edge experience lower production rates and decreasing profitability. We see Process Management (PM) as the starting point and foundation of any digital transformation—It is an ongoing discipline that needs to be regularly reviewed and fine-tuned.

Process Optimization Methodology

Where others immediately start building IT solutions, we take a different approach. First, we analyze each core business process in its entirety to fix what's broken, eliminate what's redundant, and identify the "hot spots" of opportunity where we can add and increase value.

The ICB added value

Our process management methodology for digital transformation makes core processes transparent so that they can be optimized and successfully managed in the long term. We look for opportunities to create value in every process. We optimally prepare the process landscape for cloud technologies.

Increase process efficiency and quality
Add value at every opportunity
Align optimized processes with the right cloud solutions

We cooperate with the market leader

Celonis process mining software enables efficient process mining in real time. The market-leading process mining technology of our partner Celonis extracts data from the underlying systems and creates a comprehensive digital visibility of all business processes. This clear view provides a comprehensive understanding of processes. This makes it possible to determine exactly which gaps need to be closed and which bottlenecks need to be eliminated. This allows old processes to be redesigned, automation to be enabled and thus the company's success to be increased.

Explanation Process Mining Celonis

Results that surprise -
agile approach meets AI software

ICB has its roots in technology and has extensive experience in optimising processes. The process mining team at ICB consists of experts with certified expertise and detailed tool experience.

Live Session:
Process Mining Basics

A lot can be written. That's why we offer you a live demonstration of the Celonis Process Mining software. How does process mining work in concrete terms? How are core processes analyzed? Which insights can be gained? We will give you the answers to all these questions in our free 30-minute live session.

Frequently asked questions about process mining & process optimization

What is process mining?

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Process mining is a data-driven analysis technique that enables companies to understand, visualize and optimize their business processes based on actual data. It uses event logs from IT systems to analyze the flow of processes and gain insights into their execution.

How does process mining work?

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Process mining is a method of data analysis that visualizes and analyzes a company's processes using event data (logs) from various IT systems to uncover weaknesses and optimization potential. The method uses special algorithms and models to reconstruct and visualize business processes in order to understand process flows, identify deviations and uncover weak points. By identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and sources of errors, companies can optimize their processes and thus improve their efficiency, quality and profitability.

Why is process mining important?

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Process mining helps companies to objectively analyze processes and identify bottlenecks, inefficient steps and optimization opportunities. This enables more targeted process optimization and improves overall efficiency.

What are the advantages of process mining?

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Process mining helps to really get to know the whole process. Through process mining, business users can formulate best practices, consider process variations and define the basis for process automation. Compliance, audit and process automation are supported. It enables companies from all industries to harmonise their processes and optimise, for example, lead times, process costs and process stability.

What distinguishes process mining from classic business process management?

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The difference between process mining and classic business process management (BPM) is that BPM is a continuous process of planning, executing, monitoring, and optimizing business processes, while process mining is a tool for analyzing data from IT systems to uncover weaknesses and optimization potential. Process mining bridges the gap between the two disciplines by combining data analysis with modeling, control and improvement of business processes.

While BPM takes a proactive approach and actively plans and optimizes processes, process mining is a retrospective approach that uses the analysis of historical data to gain insights into existing processes. Process mining can therefore be used as a complement to BPM to review existing processes and identify weaknesses that can be improved as part of the BPM system.

How quickly can the client expect results?

A first analysis for a process is already ready after 3 weeks. The go-live takes place in 5 weeks.

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