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Transform your HR management with digitization

Inspire your employees, increase your efficiency and optimize your HR management with the help of a digitized HR department.

How your HR management can benefit from digitization

Time and cost savings
HR process automation enables efficient and error-free processing of recurring tasks such as manual data entry, payroll, leave requests and other administrative tasks.
Improve data quality
HR data is collected centrally and redundant, inconsistent data is avoided. This provides an easily accessible information base that can be retrieved at any time, enabling HR managers to make data-based decisions and targeted employee development.
Satisfied employees
Digitization in HR improves the employee experience through self-service portals for personal data, payroll and absence requests. Flexible time tracking, e-learning platforms and transparent communication drive employee engagement and increase employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.
Sound basis for decision making
Digitization makes it possible to analyze extensive HR data and transform it into meaningful reports. HR managers gain important insights into staff turnover, performance appraisals and training needs. Predictive HR provides a sound decision-making basis for strategic measures and long-term corporate success.

Why we, as digitization experts, are at your side to ensure an HR revolution


Analysis & Identification

As part of our proven approach, a detailed analysis of the current digitization standard and existing HR processes is essential. In the process, challenges are already identified in order to develop targeted solution strategies.


The implementation of the HR software includes setting up the personnel administration and recruiting functions as well as configuring the software. We provide a dedicated contact person for this to ensure a smooth transition and continuous support.

Check & Training

During the implementation process, data and configurations are checked for accuracy to ensure that the software meets business requirements. Employees receive training on how to use the software effectively and integrate its benefits into their daily work.

Master your HR challenges through digital transformation

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Manual and time-consuming processes

Traditional HR processes, such as managing employee data, payroll, leave requests and applications, often require a lot of manual work and time. Digitization enables the automation of these tasks, resulting in significant time savings error reduction.
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Complexity of talent management

Identifying, attracting and retaining talent is critical for organizations. Digitization enables better management of talent pools, the use of AI for candidate selection, and the implementation of tools to strengthen employee retention.
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Missing employee experiences

Employee expectations for a modern and flexible work environment are rising. Digitization enables self-service portals, mobile apps, and e-learning platforms to improve the employee experience and increase engagement.
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Lack of transparency

Without digital solutions, HR managers may struggle to gain comprehensive insights into employee performance, training needs or staff turnover. Digitization enables data analytics and business intelligence to base HR decisions on sound data.

Move HR forward now through digital transformation.

What is digitalization in HR?

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Digitization in HR refers to the introduction and use of digital technologies, software solutions and automated processes to make HR tasks more efficient and to make data-based decisions.

How does digitalization support telent management or employee retention?

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Digitalization supports talent management and employee retention through efficient recruiting, seamless onboarding, employee self-service portals for more autonomy, continuous feedback and performance evaluation with digital tools, training platforms for individual development, employee engagement tools for mood analysis, flexible workplace models such as remote work, and improved communication for personalized employee support. Overall, digitalization creates an environment in which talent can be identified, promoted and retained in the long term.

What role does digitization play in employee development?

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Digitalization is revolutionizing employee development through flexible e-learning platforms, personalized training programs, gamified elements for more motivation, continuous feedback for quick adaptation, and easy access to expert knowledge via digital communication tools. This enables more agile, accessible and customized employee development that keeps pace with the changing demands of the job market.

How long does it take to implement a cloud CRM system?

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There is no standard time for the duration of the implementation project, as various factors have an influence on it. These include the size of the company, the complexity of the system, the legacy system, etc. As a rule, the duration of the implementation of an ERP project is between 6 and 18 months.

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